Soap Scum And Mold: Top Tips To Combat The Mess

Keeping up with bathroom maintenance is fairly simple. However, a quick wipe down will not prevent soap scum and mold from appearing. Taking a few extra steps to prevent these things from happening will improve the overall bathroom cleanliness; potentially saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars of repairs and expensive estimates.

What Do I Need To Clean Soap Scum?

When maintaining soap scum, all you need is a bit of vinegar, a scrubbing brush, and a little elbow grease to prevent it from worsening. 

How To Deal With Mold In The Bathroom

It is never a pleasant feeling when dealing with a moldy situation. The trick to keeping your bathroom free of mold is to consistently remove any lingering moisture in the air. Additionally, it’s imperative to make sure there is no water leaking anywhere. 

Excess moisture can be removed with a dehumidifier, a bathroom vent (if available), or by opening the bathroom window(s). Dryness prevents moisture from settling which is when mold begins to grow. 

Where Else Can I Find Soap Scum And Mold?

These things can happen anywhere in the house, not only the bathroom. One of the real secrets to reducing the risk of these situations, especially water sports and soap scum, is by switching from hard water to soft water. 

But, how can that be done?

Salt Lake City, Utah is infamous for the hard water the runs through the plumbing. Water quality should not be something that is taken lightly. It is highly recommended to keep up with maintenance as it comes with many benefits and you may want to consider having a water softening systeminstalled in your home.

Soft water is 10.5 grains of hardness per gallon while Utah’s water has 13 grains per gallon. Using purer water, it wards off a tremendous amount of hard water damage. Also, softer water creates a phenomenal experience while cleaning by adding a gentle feel to everything it touches. 

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