Small Bathroom Tips That Make A Big Impact

A small bathroom can often have you feeling like you are continually battling for sink space. Whether things are often dropping on the floor or just feeling cluttered, we want to ensure that, though a remodel might not be in the budget, you can make the most of your space in your bathroom. Here are few ways below:

Think Higher 

Add some shelves above the door or higher on the ceiling to store non-everyday things. Toilet paper, extra toiletries, and whatever you are not using every morning can easily be hidden away without taking up any needed space.

Utilize Space Above Your Toilet 

Another typical spot people often ignore is the area above their toilet. Whether you put a single shelving system or stack a few baskets above it, this is a great place to put extra bathroom items such as towels and body products. 

Organize Your Shower Space

A standard shower or bathtub might come with a shelf or two, but what about adding in a shower catty over your shower head and fixtures? Many stylish systems come with a few different shelves so that you can free up space around the base of the tub.

Rethink Your Towel Racks

A single towel rack is beautiful, but if you often find yourself needing room for another towel or two, consider taking another one above it. Another stylish way to store towels is by rolling them into baskets on the walls. 

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