Signs Your Have A Sewer Drain Issue

Sewer and drain clogs might be easy to ignore at first, but if they can cause some serious and not so pleasant issues later on. Though the signs might start off subtle, they are ones you don’t want to ignore. So if you believe you might have a significant sewer issue, here are a few clear signs you do:

Flushing Issues

The first sign of a sewer drain issue usually occurs when your toilet begins to start acting not so right. If your toilet bowls flushing isn’t the same as it once was or there are some not so normal noises coming from the bowl, don’t let it go ignored. These are both signs that something is going on with your sewer system that should be looked at right away. 

Blocked Drains

Another universal sign that you have a severe drain clog is when you see issues with your tub or shower. The first sign will be a blocked shower or tub drain. If left untreated, over time wastewater will begin filling up with sewage. So to avoid a messy and smelly cleanup, get your clogs looked at and fixedbefore they backup begins. 

Odd Noises And Smells

If when your washing machine draining or your sink running causes your toilet gurgle or the water to rise, there’s an issue with your sewer drain that you don’t want to ignore. Another common problem that can occur from blockages is a strong and foul smell. 

Wet Yard

A main sewer line clog can often easily be spotted by random wet spots on your lawn. Since the water is unable to drain, it has to go somewhere else, and often that can be in your soil. If it hasn’t rained for awhile, but you still see puddling in your yard, your sewer is most likely to blame.

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