Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Window

The truth is, one of the biggest causes of energy waste and heat loss could be your windows. For many, they are unaware of the heat they are losing, and to compensate; they turn up the thermostat. However, that extra heat is just quietly sneaking out the cracks and holes in your outdated or poorly sealed windows. If this sounds all too familiar, or if you have a home with older windows, here’s what you should know. 

windows being replaced in home

Your Energy Bill Is Rising

As stated before, if your heating bill keeps getting higher and higher, and your system has been well maintained, your next step is to check for leaks in your windows and doors.

The best way to test this is just by standing next to your windows. If you feel a breeze or drafty, it might be time to upgrade your windows. 

If it’s not in the budget just yet, consider replacing or adding weatherstripping to those that need it. Weatherstripping can be found at your local hardware store and easily applied. 

Excess Humidity

Is there condensation on your windows? Do you find water around the window sills, or is the wood starting to decay? Not only can this lead to heat loss, but it could increase your chance for mold growth, and lower your indoor air quality. If you spot either sign, it’s time to consider new windows. 

One Room Is Colder Than The Next 

There is also a chance that not all your windows are going yet. If you find that you have drafted in specific spaces, it could be that one room needs a reseal, or that one window is on it’s way out. 

If the room is a new addition or a renovated room, home zoning, or a ductless unit could also help even the temperature while saving your energy. Our experts can discuss both options with you.

Energy-Efficient Heating Options In Salt Lake

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