Preparing Your Home For Labor Day

Marking the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day serves as a reminder that autumn is quickly drawing closer, and that means autumn activities and colder temperatures are just around the corner. With school back in session, holiday activities, and so much more going on, it can be easy to lose track of various home maintenance tasks which need to be completed to ensure your home is ready for the truly cold weather that’s not far behind. As you prepare for all the fun that Labor Day provides, here are a few ways to prepare your home for the holiday, as well:

Prepare Your HVAC

Throughout the summer, your A/C has been working hard to pump out cool, comfortable air. As autumn draws closer, however, you’ll want to ensure that your furnace is operating in peak condition to ensure it doesn’t quit when you need it most and to provide energy savings over an otherwise poorly maintained unit. 

We can tune-up your system to ensure it’s clean and ready for even the coldest winter days, plus we offer expert repair services should any problems be discovered with your furnace. 

Prepare Your Plumbing

Cold weather can be quite hard on plumbing, causing even minuscule cracks to grow, resulting in major leaks in your home. 

We can give all your pipes a thorough check to ensure that any cracks are repaired promptly. 

In addition, if you’re having any drainage issues we can quickly and effectively clean out your drains to ensure they don’t become completely clogged and are ready for guests for any holiday get-togethers. 

Prepare For Company

In addition to signaling the end of summer, Labor Day also serves as the kickoff to a season of family get-togethers. 

It’s important that you understand how to properly utilize your thermostat to prevent over-taxing your HVAC system. Our experts can help you set your thermostat for maximum efficiency, resulting in a longer system life and increased energy savings.

For more tips for Labor Day and throughout the year, check out our blog, or simply give us a call today!