Preparing Your Home For A Holiday BBQ

Summer is almost here, and the holiday weekend is quickly approaching, now is the time to ensure your home is guest ready. From keeping your house cool and comfortable in preventing future clogs, here’s everything you need to know to ensure your BBQ is mishap free. 

Prepare For The Perfect Temperature

We know that no one wants to think about having their party being a washout, but if you have the space to move it indoors, you’ll want to ensure it’s a comfortable party environment. Clean your air filters, and test out your AC to make sure it’s working correctly. The last thing you’ll want on BBQ day is a house full of sweaty guests due to a broken down system.

Avoid A Plumbing Embarrassment

If you have a shower that water is pooling around your feet, or a flusher that won’t do the job — now is the time to get it fixed. You don’t want to give your guest the embarrassment of having to mention an overflowing toilet, or a backed up shower to you. 

Get Your Drains Ready

There is going to be a lot of dishes coming your way if you’re hosting, so now is the time to make sure your drains can handle it. If your sink is having trouble draining, get it fixed ASAP. If you have a garbage disposal, make sure your guests know what can and cannot go down it. 

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