Possible Blockd Sewer Drains? Here’s How To Spot It

A sewer drain blockage is not something you want to ignore, but sometimes it can be easily missed! If you have been noticing some weird and not so typical plumbing issues happening in your home, it might be caused by a significant blockage that will need to get fixed ASAP. So here are the main signs of a sewer blockage that you’ll never want to miss.

Clogs Clogs Everywhere

One of the best ways to know if you have a blockage in your sewer drain is a clog. Though a toilet clog can happen from time to time, a sewer blockage will usually involve a few toilets clogs and or other fixtures too. If you notice that your sink and tub are also clogged chances are it’s not a coincidence and a sewer drain clogged should be considered. 

New And Bizarre Reactions

There are more signs than just a few clogs around the house. A few odd bubbles and drain noises can all be a sign too. If you are noticing a bubbling toilet or rising water while you run your sink — it could be trapped air. Does your sink or toilet get backed up water everytime you flush or does the washing machine cause the toilet to overflow too? These could all be a sign of a blockage in your sewer drains, and an expert should be called. 

Check The Clean Out

If your home has a main line cleanout, you’ll want to check it for a clog. Remove the cap and inspect the clean out pipe. If the cleanout pipe is working correctly, it will have no water coming out of it but when clogged water will come flowing out. If you have spotted a clog, you will want to get rid of it immediately to prevent any other issues. You can rent a machine and snake it or call an expert to avoid any problems. Either way, a clogged sewer drain isn’t something you’ll want to sleep on.

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