Woman blowing nose into tissue from poor indoor air quality

Keep The Flu At Bay With Affordable Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The cooler months of the year are upon us, so people are going to start spending more time indoors. Unfortunately, this means that there’s a higher risk of transmission of communicable diseases, such as influenza and even COVID-19. Because you and your family members are likely going to be spending more time in your home, you must ensure that the air quality is as good as possible.

What Dangers Are In The Home?

Besides the risk of the transmission of viruses, there are many other sources of danger in the air of most homes. Indoor air pollution is a serious matter. It includes pollutants, such as:

It surprises some people to know that the sources of indoor pollution include some of the things that are considered normal. Things like household cleaners, space heaters, chimneys, and even attached garages can have a negative impact on the air quality of the house. A whole-home air purifier system can help to reduce these indoor air pollutants.

How Might Indoor Air Pollution Make Influenza And The Coronavirus Worse?

You might not think too much about how the quality of air in your home can impact your potential to contract an illness or the way in which you heal from it. There are some profound impacts that it can have when the illness is related to the respiratory system.

Influenza and COVID-19 both impact the respiratory system. Because you inhale air pollution, there’s a chance that it can irritate the lungs and windpipe. This might make the symptoms of the respiratory illnesses more pronounced.

What Can You Do To Help Improve Air Quality In The Home?

There are three components to improving the air quality in your home – relative humidity, air purity, and air freshness. A whole-house humidifier can help to keep the relative humidity from dipping too low. When the air is too dry, there’s a higher risk of respiratory illness transmission because the lungs depend on some moisture in the air to prevent them from drying out.

Residential indoor air quality in Salt Lake City is a big concern, but it can be addressed with a whole-home air purifier. High-efficiency models, which are available from Scott Hale, can help reduce the virus-sized particles by up to 80 percent, which can also help to reduce the chance of transmission of the flu.

Air freshness, which has to do with the ventilation of the home, is the final component in trying to stay healthy this winter. A full home system allows fresh air into the home and helps to force out the stale, used air.

Contact Scott Hale today to find out what options can help you to improve the air quality in your home this winter.