It’s Time To Get Your Outdoor Plumbing Ready

Now that the weather is warming up, and your family is going to begin heading outdoors, you’ll want to consider taking care of your outdoor plumbing now! By getting your outside water features and plumbing checked and inspected, you won’t be spending your summer fixing a significant plumbing issue! So when it comes time to do your spring and summer prep, here’s the outdoor plumbing fixtures you’ll want to add to your list: 

Check Your Faucets

Your outdoor faucets have probably been off for the season, so now is the time to get them back in business. Once you get your water running, you’ll want to check for any leaks or issues. To do so by turning your faucets on for a bit, then turning them off. If you see water after they are turned off, you probably have a leak that you’ll want to address.

Clean Those Gutters

Between fall and winter, you gutters can see a lot of dirt and debris, so you’ll want to get that taken care of before the first significant rainfall. Flush the gutters and downspouts out with a hose and look for any leaks or blockages in your eavestrough.

Look For Wet Or Soggy Areas

One of the most significant indicators of a flooding issue is wet or soggy spots on your grass. If you are noticing moisture in spots, during a dry couple of days, you could have a broken pipe or sewer leak.

Watch The Roots

One of your sewer’s worst nightmares is those dreaded tree roots. The problem with this issue is that it could cause damage to your plumbing inside and out! Though it might not be easy to spot, one of the critical factors to roots invading your pipes is slowly flowing drains. Your toilet bowls would be the first indicator and often the slow flow will also be followed by a gurgling noise, you’ll want to give us a call.

Check Your Sprinklers

Your sprinkler heads are going to get a lot more use now, so check each head and be sure there is no packed in the dirt surrounding each one. By fixing any broken heads now, you can ensure your system is ready to go throughout the remainder of spring and summer.

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