Is Hard Water Wasting Your Money?

You might have heard about hard water, but do you how it might be affecting your life and home? Hard water can do a serious number on your appliances, leading to build-up on your skin, hair, and costing you more time and money with unnecessary cleaning. So here are a few common ways in which hard water is running you dry of money:

signs that you have hard water in your home

Your Dishes Never Seem Clean

When you have hard water issues, you might notice constant hard water spots on your dishes and glassware. Unfortunately, this is due to the magnesium and calcium in your water — but  water softener can help filter out these minerals, leaving you with cleaner dishes (and less of a need to give them an extra rinse).

It Takes A Few Rinses To Feel Clean

Those mineral deposits, which we talked about above, can also affect your skin and hair. You might find yourself needing a few rinses to get your soap off — and this is due to the build-up hard water can leave. With a softener, your water will be better equipped to wash your hair and skin with ease, leading to shorter showers! 

You Are Always Cleaning Your Bathroom

Soap scum and mineral spots on your faucets and sinks are all common when your home’s plumbing is putting out hard water. It not only costs you precious time, but it will also requires more  cleaning supplies, too, as it’s harder to get off. 

You Are Still Buying Bottled Water

Now is the perfect time to be more aware of waste — and when you look into water treatments, you can add on a few upgrades, too. With a purification upgrade, you can now have clean, crisp tasting water, which will let you drink straight from the tap! This will help you kick that plastic water bottle dependency to the curb. 

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