How Your Spring Cleaning Can Help Fight Allergies

Spring has arrived, and April showers might bring May flowers, but those shower and flowers bring sneezes and sniffles. So as you begin to bear the dreaded allergy symptoms, we have five great ways you can clean your way to make it through allergy season with barely any tears.

1. Clean Near The Entryways

Dirt and allergens are often brought in from the outside and can track in on our shoes and clothes. By keeping the floors clean by the entryways, and removing shoes and jackets before you enter, you can eliminate extra allergens from entering your home.

2. Think Blinds And Curtains

Dust is a significant spring worry and with windows being continually open and closed, now is the time to give your curtains and blinds a good cleaning. While you are at it, don’t forget to wipe down the window sills and windows too.

3. Remember Fans

Ceiling fans are going to work hard this spring so why not start them off with a clean slate? Wipe down and dust each blade and light fixture often. A dirty fan is a fan that is just blowing dirty air, so try to keep them clean all season long.

4. Keep Humidity At A Good Level

Home humidity can add to your allergies issues, so be sure to pay attention to your indoor humidity level. A dry home or a too humid home can do a number on your sinuses, so try to keep a right balance.

5. Think New Filters

One of the best ways to keep your indoor air quality high and filter out the dust and debris is by choosing a high-quality air filter. HEPA filter is made of tight mesh that can filter out everything from cigarette smoke to pet dander. They are one of the best ways to fight against allergy season.

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