How Your Home’s Temperature Can Lead To A Good Night’s Sleep

Season change can bring some unusual weather patterns, and with it can often come the difficulty to sleep. One night it’s cool and comfortable, the next minute you’re sweating and kicking the blankets off only to find yourself back to covering up with a chill a few minutes later.

All this tossing and turning can put a damper on your quality of sleep, but there are ways to stop this. With the right knowledge, you can rest assured you are getting the sleep you deserve and it all starts with the perfect temperature. How does one achieve the ideal sleep temperature? Through some trial and error, you can be headed towards sleep success:

Think Ceiling Fans

First off, you’ll want to sure that you have a nice flow of air going through your room. A stuffy room can put a damper on your slumber, so if you have a ceiling fan, use it! If it’s not cold enough to switch on your AC, a ceiling fan is the best option to keep your air flow going so you can sleep through the night.

Think Cross Ventilation

Not only is a ceiling fan one of your top ways to get the air flowing, don’t forget about your windows too. A bit of fresh air and some fans can cool your room at night. If you are feeling that your AC just isn’t doing the job, or your heat is only really heating one room, you’ll want to keep your bedroom doors open. By leaving an open flow, while utilizing your fans, you can ensure that your home is getting the airflow it needs to keep each room at an even and cool temp.

Stop Cranking The Temp

Often the main issue is that we are too heavy on the thermostat buttons. We can usually crank the heat in the winter thinking a warm bed is best, but as you sleep your body temp rises, and the hotter you are, the more your body believes it’s time to wake up, causing you sleep distress. Your best bet is to start at around 67 degrees Fahrenheit and slowly lower each night until you find your perfect night time temp! For optimal sleep, you’ll never want to below 60!

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