How to Prevent A Summer BBQ Mishap

Summertime is a time to bring friends and family together — and if you happen to be the party host, that means a lot of extra work on your end. With the shopping, cleaning, and cooking, the last thing you want to deal with is a plumbing or AC emergency. 


To ensure your party is mishap free, we have some tip and tricks to keep the panic low and the party going all night long:

Be Kind To Your Plumbing

The first thing you’ll want to ensure if that your plumbing is ready to handle the incoming guests. Keep paper towels away from your toilet, as they can be tempting to flush down the drain leading to a significant clog! Keep a trash can accessible right next to the toilet bowl and opt for liquid hand soap over bar soap.

This will not only help prevent significant clogs, but it will keep your bathroom tidier, too. 

Save Some Energy

A big party means a lot of in and out of the house. With the door continually opening and closing— you are bound to lose a ton of cool air.  If you plan to spend most of the day outside, adjust your thermostat to reflect that. Not only will it save you energy, but it will keep your system from working overtime to cool off your home.

 Besides, there is no need to cool off an empty house,  just remember to change the temperature before you plan to come back in for the night. 

Keep Drains Garbage Free

A drain clog isn’t something you’ll want to be dealing with while your house is filled with guests and family. To prevent such an occurrence, make sure all plates are scaped in the garbage and not thrown in the sink. For easy and drain free issues — opt for disposable plates and silverware. Not only will it prevent you from clogging your drains, but you also won’t have to wash dishes, saving you water too!

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