Here’s Why Your Drain Smells

Though you’d love to blame the family pet, that constant smell leaking from your kitchen or bathroom is probably one that shouldn’t be ignored. Depending on the location and smell, it could be a quick and easy fix.

So if you’ve been noticing a particularly odd odor coming from your drains, here’s what could be the source: 

Dry P-Trap

Does the smell kind have a sewer stench? It could be a dry p-trap. One of the easiest problems to solve, the p-trap is the curve section of the drainpipe underneath your sink. Its purpose is to catch and seal water to prevent sewer gases from coming up the pipe. If your smell is coming from an area that has not been used in a while, you can run water down the drain to try and regain the plug.

Pipe Blockage

If you notice that your smell is also coming with some slowly draining water, a clog is probably the cause. To ensure this is the case run the water and wait to see if it begins to pool up. If it does along with a smell, it’s often a sewer pipe blockage.

Normal Clogs

Our pipes see a ton of abuse and wear and tear. From grease, fats, foods, and hair, they see some pretty unpleasant stuff. Because of this neglect, clogs occur, and as the clog builds up, bacteria forms and with that comes an odor. You’ll want to rectify the clog and begin taking preventable measures to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

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