Here’s Why You Keep Running Out Of Hot Water

We all know that feeling, one minute you’re enjoying your nice warm shower, the next a cold stream sends chills down your spine. Though it might be a great wakeup call, it’s not a reoccurrence most homeowners look forward too, and it could be a sign of water heater issues. So if you are often taking colder showers vs. hot, here’s why you keep running out of hot water: 

It’s Time For A Flush

When’s the last time you’ve flushed out your water heater? If you can’t remember the answer to that question — it’s time to flush it out! Sediment buildup can cause you to run out of hot water faster than normal so a flush out might be all you need to get in more hot showers. 

The Size Just Doesn’t Cut It

Not all water heater sizes are made for all families, and it might be time for a bigger one. If your water heater is on the newer side, or you just can’t afford a new one, you could always work off a schedule. Keeping your families shower times far enough apart will help with your cold water woes.

There’s A Thermostat Issue

Another reason you might be losing steam is a possible thermostat issue. Your water heater has had its own personal thermostat, and it could be your issue, and if it is, it might be easy to fix. First, you’ll want to check to make sure it’s set to the right temp if it is, it might be a malfunction, and you will want to get it looked at. 

It’s Time For A Replacement

Your water heater does have a lifespan and it could be entirely possible that yours has reached is the last leg of it. As time goes on parts can begin to stop working like they use to, which could lead to improper heating of your water. To ensure that your system is still in good health, you’ll want to get it maintenance, especially if it’s over the eight-year mark.

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