Getting Your Home Ready For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is usually one filled with happiness and joy — that is you don’t have a major house emergency. Not to worry though, there are many things you can do around the house now, that will keep your party worry-free.

So if you are looking to kick, back, relax and not have to worry about seeing us during your holiday dinner, follow these steps below: 

Prep Your HVAC. Make sure to stay on a schedule for regular maintenance. It’s always best to have your  HVAC system checked out at the beginning of each applicable season for both efficiency’s sake and some peace of mind for yourself. 

Fix Plumbing Problems
. Make sure any plumbing issues are resolved. There’s no reason to have a little leak turn into a full-blown fountain in the middle of December. Also, those toilets are going to be flushing a lot more, so you’ll want them to be in their best working condition.  

Do Small Fixes. If you’ve been thinking about updating your kitchen or bathroom, pre-season might be the best time to do it and have it ready for the holidays. If you don’t have a full remodel in your budget, you can always do a budget-friendly remodel until a better date.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, emergencies still happen. If they do, Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air is here to take care of it at an affordable rate. We have a team of certified and experienced staff that is just a call away any time of the year.