Fall Into Better Air Quality Habits

Ah, fall is in the air (well, almost). As summer comes to a close, and the weather starts to feel a bit brisker, we want to send a reminder to keep your indoor air quality in mind. Luckily, for many, a few household shifts can lead to cleaner, more comfortable air to breathe here’s how:

Keep A Chore Schedule

Pet dander, outdoor allergens, dust, and debris all play a part in your indoor air quality. With regular dusting and vacuuming (especially if you have a few shedding pets in the home), you can ensure you are breathing these things in less often. Plan a daily chore schedule for the family and stick to it weekly. Besides cleaner air, you’ll be surprised how much time you’ll save by doing it daily.

Change Your Filters Often

We know we’ve said it before, but your HVAC air filter is the key to clean air. When you let it go ignored, dust particles build up and get pushed around the air. Beyond that, your system has to work overtime to ensure it has provided the temperature you desire. 

Check Your Products

Pumpkin spice air fresheners and apple cider candles might be a festive addition to many homes, but for many, it could be lowering your air quality. Some of these products can even trigger allergies and asthma symptoms. Look for air fresheners that are water-based, and candles that are soy-based. You might also want to keep your windows open, or turn a fan on, for improved ventilation. 

Invest In IAQ Solutions 

From HEPA filter systems to air purifiers, Scott Hale offers a variety of solutions to provide you with clean, comfortable air. Whether you’re looking for a system upgrade or preventative maintenance on your existing unit, our experts can help find the right indoor air quality choice for you!