Common Toilet Tank Issues

The Reason Your Toilet Isn’t Working As It Should

When you think of a toilet problem, many first think of a clog or overflow. However, if your toilet isn’t working as it should, and it’s not a clog, the issue could live within your tank. Though, when you open the lid, it could seem like a complicated situation, it can often be a quick fix,  especially if you are experiencing these common issues.

The Toilet Won’t Flush Completely

Inside your tank should be a float valve or float ball, and it’s responsible for filling your toilet. It’s often ball-shaped, and when it’s set too high, too much water can fill inside the tank. When it’s set too low, not enough water gets into the tank; both can alter the way your toilet flushes. To fix the issue, you can bend the float up or down. If your toilet still doesn’t flush to completion, check to see if there is water inside the float ball/ or the float valve may need to be replaced. 

The Tank Isn’t Completely Filling 

If you notice that your toilet bowl isn’t filling as it once did, you’ll want to take the top of the tank off and flush to ensure everything is still working as it should. Beyond it being a float ball problem (as mentioned above), it could be a problem with your tank’s trip assembly (the lever that rises your fill valve or ball). It may be bent, stretched, worn out, or simply just blocking itself. Check it thoroughly to see if it’s time for a replacement. 

You’re Noticing Sweat Or Leaking On Your Tank

Often a sweating tank could be mistaken for a leak. If the outside of your tank is producing condensation, and you want to ensure you don’t have a leak on your hand, add food coloring to the tank water. After an hour, take a white napkin or tissue and rub the bottom of the tank. If you are left with a colored water spot, you have a leak; if it’s clear, it’s just tank sweat.

If that is the case, you might want to consider insulating the inside of the tank. Either way, a professional plumber can help you solve both issues in no time.

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