Changing Your Filters For The First Time? Here’s What You Need To Know

Your HVAC system plays an integral part in your households air quality, and without proper care, you can be putting your air quality at risk. Not only does your indoor air rely on good filters, without adequate maintenance you could be wasting energy and putting stress on your machine. So here’s what you should know before changing your air filters:

man changing air filter

When Should You Be Changing Your Filters?

Beyond your yearly service, a widely used filter should be changed a minimum of every three months, in some cases monthly. If you run your system year round, you may want to consider it regularly. A home with pets, tons of activity, indoor smoking, or high rate of allergies can also benefit from a more steady schedule of filter changes. 

Important Things To Note: 

  • While changing your filter be sure that your unit is turned off
  • Before purchasing the filter make sure that it’s the proper filter for your system
  • Damaged Filters should be changed right away

Leave It To The Experts

If you notice a filter that is excessively dirty, clogged with dust or has excessive moisture on it, you’ll want to leave them alone and contact a professional. If before and after you replace the filters you notice issues with turning your system back on, the fan could be slow or making excessive noise. If you notice any issues contact a professional ASAP.

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