Buying Your First Home? Here’s What To Look For In Your Plumbing

Buying a home is such an exciting time, so you shouldn’t be stressed with constant repairs and money causing issues. As you start your journey into buying your first home, you’ll want to be fully aware of what to look out for, especially in the home’s plumbing.

house and showers

Learn The History

When’s the last time they replaced the sewage system? How old is the water heater? Have you had any problems with them in the recent future? It’s totally normal and acceptable to ask these questions and more before making such a large purchase. 

Check The Pipes

While inspecting the home, there are many warning signs you’ll want to look for such as running toilets, and poorly installed pipes. Through past water damage issues, and visible leaks you can have a clear idea of what condition the plumbing is in. Keeping your eyes open for these things can help you get these issues resolved before purchasing your home.

Other Signs To Look For:

  • Erratic running faucets 
  • Disposal issues
  • Toilets that constantly clog or run 

A home is a major investment so you’ll want to be completely aware of any issues before you take the plunge, and a plumbing issue is definitely something that is best fixed ASAP.

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