Mini Split

Benefits Of A Mini-Split AC

Tired of your old non-ducted air conditioning system and ready to look into a mini-split AC for your home or office? Mini-split air conditioners are becoming more mainstream as folks look to retrofit their spaces with more efficient cooling systems and get rid of the old window or through-the-wall ACs. A mini-split AC cools much like a central air unit, but it doesn’t require your home to be ducted like a traditional HVAC system requires.

How Does A Mini-Split AC Work?

A mini-split AC has two main parts, including a compressor or condenser positioned outside and one or more air handlers installed inside. Whereas a traditional central air conditioning unit forces cool air through the ductwork in a home or office, a mini-split AC delivers cool air to the zones where air handlers are installed without the need for ductwork.

Benefits Of Mini-Split ACs

Some reasons to take a second look at mini-split AC options:

  • Mini-splits require very little to install. They just need access to electricity and the capability to mount the air handlers inside.
  • This type of cooling system offers a cost-effective means for replacing inefficient units, reducing energy consumption.
  • Most mini-split AC systems also have on-board heat pumps to handle comfort needs season after season.
  • Tax credits may be available to mini-split purchasers at the local, state, and federal levels to offset the cost of this energy-efficient cooling and heating solution.
  • Mini-splits tend to improve air quality wherever they’re installed due to multi-stage air filtration offered by the mini-split unit.
  • This AC option is flexible enough to install nearly anywhere that purchasers need cooling capabilities.

How Much Does A Mini-Split System Cost?

The cost of a new mini-split AC system depends on the cooling capacity of the unit chosen, the number of air handlers desired for the system, the brand of the mini-split system selected, and even the air conditioning company that installs the system. Homeowners should be prepared to pay from $1,500 to $2,000 per cooling capacity ton (12,000 BTUs per hour), according to theU.S. Department of Energy.

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