5 Upgrades To Cut Your Energy Bill

Who doesn’t love saving money? The answer would probably be no one. What if we told you that saving money is easier than you think? In fact, it only takes a few, simple upgrades.

We understand that it might seem counterproductive to spend money to save money — but in the end, it will make a big difference. So to cut your energy cost today, consider these five upgrades.

Energy Efficiency

Programmable Thermostat

By upgrading your thermostat, to a more modern one, you have way more control over how you heat your home. You can set up temperature patterns, change the thermostat from your phone and more. 

Find And Seal Leaks

Believe it or not, leaks in your home could be the significant cause you have to crank your heat up every day. Letting cold air in and hot air out, your heating system has to work twice as hard to get to the temperature it desires. 

Consider An Appliance Upgrade

If you literally can’t remember when you purchased your appliances — chances are they don’t meet today’s energy efficiency standards. Modern day appliances such as dishwashers, and washing machines, use less water and electric —  which can add up to some significant savings over time. 

Change Your Water Heater

One way to cut your energy cost is switching to a tankless water heater. By going tankless, you only heat your water on demand, whereas the traditional water heater is continually heating water, adding to your hefty electrical bill. 

Schedule Your Tune-Up

Dirty air filters or little malfunctions in your heating system could be leading to stress on your heating system. To ensure your system is always working at it’s best, stick to your annual tune-ups. The cleanings and regular checks will ensure your system is working at its top efficiency. If you are in need of an upgrade, our techs will be able to offer your best options.

If you are looking to finally upgrade your trusty water heater, or are in need of a heating tune-up, the experts at Scott Hale, are here to help. Contact us today!