5 Tips For A More Energy Efficient Home

Do you often try to avoid opening your energy bill, because of the crazy increase each month? Well besides shutting off lights, and keeping the home unbearably cold, there are several things you can do at home to save energy and save you some money too, and some involve your HVAC system. So here are five tips you can follow to get a more energy efficient home. 

1. Control Your Humidity Level

A humid home is not only an uncomfortable one, but it’s also an energy waster. When your home has a high humidity level, your HVAC system has to work double time to get to your desired temperature. Normal humidity leads to less energy wasted saving you money in the end.

2. Look Into Upgrades

If your appliances or HVAC is older than you, it might be time to get an upgrade. Any appliances that are over a decade old don’t have the same energy efficiency standards as modern ones do. The same goes for HVAC; a modern day HVAC system is now constructed to give you the same comfort and a considerably lower energy usage.

3. Schedule Maintenance 

Tune-ups are crucial to energy efficiency. A dirty or untuned machine can be a big energy waster. With regular maintenance, you can not only save energy but prevent any future preventable breakdowns.

4. Go Digital

If you don’t have the digital thermostat, you might want to invest in one. Many new thermostats are now programmable and even allow to adjust your temperature from an app. With added control, you can improve your heat and in turn, save energy.

5. Consider Home Zoning 

By splitting your home into different heating and cooling zones, you have the option to heat and cool in only the areas you need. There is no need to blast the heat throughout the house when you are alone occupying one room. By increasing your heat or air just where it’s needed — you can save energy and lower your bill.

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