3 Signs Your Heating System Is Too Small

The cold, bitter winters can leave you bundling up under the blankets, layering up at home and raising the thermostat daily; but could a simple upgrade be the fix? For many homeowners, they are unaware if they have the right heating systems for their home, if it’s sized correctly, or if it’s the route to your energy bill woes. Well, that’s where we come in — here are three signs you’re living with a smaller HVAC than needed: 

Furnace Testing and Maintenance

1. It’s Always On

For many, you might think that your furnace constantly being on is a good thing, but it’s actually a sign that your heating system is working overtime. The proper size furnace runs on cycles and kicks on when needed. 

An undersized furnace is fighting to keep your house at the desired temperature and winds up staying on longer than an appropriately sized system. Not only is this wasting your energy, but it’s also putting more wear and tear on the system — leading to more repairs and a shortened lifespan.

2. It’s Never Quite Warm Enough

A house that is equipped with a furnace that can’t keep the temperature comfortable enough is probably a home that has an incorrect furnace size. Simply put, it’s just too small to get the job done, leaving you with a constant chill, and a never-warm-enough home. You can continue to raise the temperature, but until your furnace is the proper size, you’ll just be wasting energy.

3. Your Utility Bill Keeps Rising

If you are noticing a drastic increase in your energy bill each winter, your furnace is probably to blame. From always running to heat your home, to raising the temperature to get some warmth in every room, a smaller than needed system can lead to a ton of energy waste, and a larger-than-normal bill.

Investing in a new system, one that correctly fits your home, can help keep your home warm and save you money in the long run! When it comes to updating your heating system, Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating & Air is the intelligent choice in the Salt Lake City area. Contact us today!