3 Common Home Leaks

As a homeowner, it can feel like there is always something needing to be repaired or fixed. Your “to-do” list is feeling like it’s never-ending. We know that when it comes to home repairs, you have to take care of the more significant issues first, but when it comes to leaks, the longer you wait, the worse the damage can be.

From mold and mildew to structural damage you’ll want to fix any leak you see immediately. So to keep your home leak-free, here are three common leaks to watch out for. 

  1. A Leaking Faucet
    One of the most commonly ignored leaks is a leaking faucet. It’s also the least critical of the leaks and generally doesn’t cause too much damage. The should still be fixed as soon as they are spotted to avoid water damage and to spot any other issues early on before they become major down the road. 
  2. A Leaking Toilet
    A toilet leak can occur internally and externally. The most dangerous and probably the easiest to spot is the external leak around the rim. The longer it leaks, the higher your chances of mold growth and water damage to the surrounding areas. An internal leak will usually be spotted when your water bill suddenly increases. This is because water is leaking into the sewer, making it not visible to the naked eye.
  3. Leaking Pipes
    Sink pipe leaks could easily be ignored as most of them are hidden away under cabinets. The main issue with this is that those cabinets are also made of a material that can lead to mold growth and rot. As a homeowner, it’s wise to give a good check every once in a while to ensure your sink pipes aren’t leaking any water.

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