Three Common Pipe Problems And How To Fix Them

Your pipes are a significant part of your home’s plumbing system. Whether it’s inside or out, when a plumbing problem arises, you’ll want to act swiftly. Ignoring it can lead to significant damage or a burst. So if you happen to experience these three common pipe problems, Here’s why and how to ensure they get fixed promptly: 

1. Drain Clogs

One of the most common home plumbing problems, drain clogs can easily be fixed by scheduling a drain cleaning. Though you might be interested in picking up the liquid drain cleaner, it’s just a quick fix and can do more damage to your pipes down the road. To keep your drains clog-free, invest in a hair catcher, and be mindful of what you put down your sink.

2. Brown Water

The first step is to make sure there is no local construction going on. Next, run the water for a while to see if it becomes clear. When brown water is not a local issue and doesn’t resolve in a few hours, it can be a sign of old or rusted pipes. You will want to get it looked at quickly as it can lead to a leak. 

3. Sewer System Backup

Gurgling toilets and slow draining drains, are all sign that you might have a sewer system back up. It could be a single drain issue or a whole system back up. A variety of causes could lead to this, including clogs, tree roots, or a broken line. All these can be costly issues if ignored, and to save the headache of trying to tackle it yourself, we suggest letting the experts handle it.

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