Never Worry About Vent Mold Again

When it comes to your home —  air quality is critical; one of the leading factors in your air quality is your HVAC system. A dirty system and vents can severely hinder your air quality, especially when you’re suffering from mold issues. So to keep your air quality at a constant high, here are some tips so you’ll never have to worry about vent mold again.

Invest In Filters

Your HVAC filters are there to keep your air quality in check, and with lousy air quality comes mold. If you are noticing an increase in mold issues in your vents, it could be due to the wrong air filters. Investing in HEPA filters is the best way to ensure your vents stay clean. 

Regular Cleanings

Another way to ensure your vents are kept mold free is by regular home cleanings. A dust free house will prevent dust and debris from entering into your filters and will stop mold from growing. Regular cleanings become even more critical during allergy season or in homes with pets.

Get A Dehumidifiers

Mold is often a sign of high humidity in the home. Mold spores need moisture in the air to grow, so to stop growth, you’ll want to invest in a dehumidifier. With constant use, you can get your home at a good humidity level keeping it mold free.

Schedule Maintenance 

If mold is a reoccurring problem, regular tune-ups are key. An HVAC tune-up will ensure your machine is working at it’s absolute best. A tune-up will also allow for the experts to see if there is any growth or deep cleaning that will need to be done. The more you keep your machine in top shape, the better your air quality will be. 

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