How to Defrost Your Frozen Pipes ASAP

One of the most common winter plumbing woes is the worry of frozen pipes. When a frozen pipe is detected, it must be thawed quickly and safely to ensure you don’t do further damage to your plumbing. So to start defrosting your pipes asap, follow these tips:

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Start With Some Prep

The first way to identify is a frozen pipe through your faucet. A slow trickle or lack of water is a sign of a blockage somewhere in the line. Once this occurs, you’ll need to locate and shut off the main water valve. Next, open the faucet, and determine the blockage. A clear sign that you’ve found your spot is the appearance of ice and frost. You’ll want to start the thawing near the faucet working your way down to the blockage. If you don’t feel comfortable defrosting the pipe yourself, call a plumber for assistance. 

Thawing Exposed Pipes

If your blocked pipe is exposed, you have a variety of options for unthawing. You can wrap the area with hot wet towels, use a space heater or portable heater facing the pipe, or carefully use a blow dryer to melt the blockage. No matter how you choose to thaw, you’ll want to do so with caution to prevent a burst or fire. 

Thawing Enclosed Pipes

If the pipe is not easy to access, your thawing options are limited. Your first choice is to try and turn your thermostat up. This can help defrost and melt the blockage. If you know the exact location, you can try using infrared light in front of the wall, and if that fails, you can cut out a section of the drywall. 

Prevention Tips

To prevent future pipe freezes, keep your home well heated and keep interior doors up. You might also want to look into insulating your pipes. If none of this works, allow one of your faucets to drip to help prevent any blockages.

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