3 Ways To Know If Your Thermostat Isn’t Working

Your thermostat is something you probably use often but never really think about it, but it actually plays an integral part of your home’s heating system. No matter the age of your thermostat, issues can occur and when they do — you’ll be sure to notice. Though you might just assume you have a drafty house, or there’s a ton of body heat, it could be that your right thermostat is failing you. If you are continually struggling to keep your home at a suitable temperature, here’s three ways to know if your thermostat isn’t working.

Man clearly freezing

Bad Batteries

Sometimes it can be as easy as old batteries. Other reasons that your thermostat isn’t fully functioning can be dirt, an unlevel box, and the thermostat location. These are all minor things that could be affecting your heating. So if you are noticing that the thermostat number isn’t reflecting the way your home feels, you might want to start with the basics.

Your Setting And Temperature Don’t Match

If you’re continually noticing that your home feels below 50 but the thermostat is reading much higher, it could be time for a replacement. Before you call in the pros, use another measuring source to see the real temperature of the room. If the difference is significant, it’s time to call a maintenance specialist to come in and take a look.

On And Off And On Again

If your furnace just won’t seem to go on or is continually flipping from on to off, your first thought might be the furnace, but that’s not always true. A dirty, or unleveled thermostat could be the cause. Before you rule out your thermostat, check for build up, and adjust the temperature and keep note of the aftermath. If none of these seem to be the issue, it could be your furnace. 

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