The 5 Worst Things You Could Do To Your Drains

Your drain system is a big part of your home, and it should be treated with care. Though it might seem like something you don’t often have to worry about, there are lots of everyday acts that could be causing much more harm than good. So when it comes to your drain system, here are the five worst things you can do for its health:

1. Ignoring Hair

Hair and your drains are a major no. To protect your drains, you should always use a hair catcher to ensure that you aren’t causing a major clog. Wet hair mixed with soap and shampoo can stick to your pipes, causing a big colossal clog. 

2. Not Scraping The Dishes

Not everything is made to go down your sink or garbage disposal. Leaving extra food and crumbs in your sink can stick and cake to your pipes, making a significant clog that can make water hard to get past.

3. Over Using Liquid Drain UnCloggers

Liquid drain cleaners might seem like a great quick fix, but after years of use, it can put heavy wear and tear on your pipes. The chemicals it contains can eat away at your plumbing and cause you significant issues in the long run.

4. Flushing Everything

Your toilet is not a garbage can, so you shouldn’t treat it as such. The best way to ensure your plumbing is in the best shape is only to flush human waste and toilet paper. Anything else can cause future clogs and pipe bursts.

5. Ignoring Routine Care

Little drips, noises, and leaks are not something that you should ignore. By getting your small problems looked at and your plumbing regularly checked, you can stop a big expensive problem from happening down the road. 

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