Signs Your Home Has Low Humidity

When we mention home humidity, many think of the extra moisture that can make your home feel like a rainforest, but did you know low humidity can do it’s damage, too? 

To have a comfortable home, you want to ensure a perfect humidity balance. However, in the winter, low humidity can occur, especially when your heating system is working at full speed. Here are some common signs that your humidity level has dropped: 

Dry And Itchy Skin

The dry air can do a number on your skin. If you find yourself with dry, itchy skin, dry or chapped lips, and itchy throat in the morning or even a bloody nose — the cause is often the lack of humidity in the air. 

Static Everywhere

Notice you’re getting an electric shock every time you touch something in your home? Moisture in the air helps dissipate static electricity, and when it’s not present that static can accumulate.  When an object of negative charges becomes close, it will discharge. So when moisture levels are low, your home will be more prone to static electricity. 

Furniture Damage

Wood will rise and shrink due to the humidity levels in the air. Low humidity causes wood to contract, and for some pieces, even cause cracks. If your favorite wood accent piece is starting to look damaged, you might want to consider your humidity level as the cause.

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