When Should You Consider Copper Repiping

Drip, drip, splash your home is flooded in a flash! Yup, it’s the dreaded homeowner’s nightmare of a plumbing emergency. Nobody wants it, and we all want to avoid it, but many of us don’t know how! One of the best ways to kick plumbing issues before they become emergencies is through copper repiping. So if you are looking to prevent a major plumbing emergency, here’s when you should consider copper repiping: 

When You Have Low Water Pressure

Have you been noticing a constant decline in your water pressure? Is it taking longer and longer to wash the shampoo suds out of your hair; this could be due to a blocked pipe! Corroded pipes can cause rust to clog the water flowing through and leave you with erratic or lower than normal water pressure.

Odd Odor and Color

Another sign that your pipes are corroded and need to be repiped is your water quality. If you are noticing a metallic smell that starts off with a brownish, rusted hue, it’s time to call your plumber. Patching could be an option, but if the problem is becoming more and more frequent, you’ll want to consider repiping with copper as it’s less prone to corrosion. 

Several Pesky Leaks in Your Plumbing 

One of the most common plumbing issues is also one of the hardest to pinpoints. Leaks can be small that they can often be hard to spot the primary source. When the leaks become more constant, it can be due to rust and a replacement might be your best option. 

Your Pipes are Older than You

Plumbing has an expiration date, and the best thing any homeowner can do is replace them before they burst! No matter what material your pipes are made of the average lifespan ranges from 40- 70 years old. So if you are noticing all the above and more, it might be time for some updates! 

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