What To Do When You Suspect Your Home Has Mold

Sneezing, running eyes and a cough may be common during dreaded allergy season. If you have been suffering the following symptoms, but also have found sudden dark spots or a new smell in your home, it could be mold.

If you believe that your home might suddenly have a mold problem, here’s what you need to know.

Don’t Touch It

If you believe there might be mold growth in your home, you don’t ever want to touch it or attempt to clean it yourself. Mold can be a significant health issue and should be left to the experts. So don’t panic, and please don’t try to scrub it away either.

Identify The Cause

If you believe you have mold, you’ll want to thoroughly identify where it’s coming from. By knowing the cause, you can then stop the spreading. Keep an eye out for extra moisture or leaks and keep note of it.

Time To Test

Your next step is to test for mold or hire a professional who can. By checking for mold, you can find the source and the exact quality of your indoor air. A mold test can allow you to find out how many mold spores might be in your air and just how unsafe it can be for your health.

Hire A Professional

If you just found out you have mold in your home, don’t panic. Your next step is to hire a professional to come clean it. Well trained staff will entirely remove the source and help you prevent it from spreading further.

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