How To Beat Humidity In Your Home

Oh summer, how we love thee! But the pesky humidity that comes along with the summer heat — not so much! Though cooling of your house might be as easy as blasting the AC, the humidity fight can sometimes be a bit more challenging. So here are just a few ways you can maintain a dry and comfortable home:  

Shorten Your Showers

Beyond fogging up the bathroom mirror, long hot showers increase steam, humidity, and can even cause mold. So if you are looking to cut down on damage and moisture, shorten your showers. A quick cold shower will keep the home moisture down and improve your skin and hair!  

Replace AC Filters

A clogged or dusty filter can affect your air quality, reduce the air flow, and increase humidity. To give your AC the full chance to fight off the moisture — clean and change your air filters regularly. A clean filter will also help prevent allergies and lower your electric bill. 

Line Dry Clothes

Your dryer can put off a lot of heat! But did you know line drying your clothes indoors can also increase humidity? So now that the summer sun is shining, why not put it to good use and line dry outdoors! Bonus —  line drying your clothes can not only help your fight indoor humidity, but it can improve the smell too. 

Air Flow

One of the best ways to decrease moisture is to increase air flow! Use your ceiling fans and make sure they are moving counter clockwise. Using your fans along with your AC will help draw cooler air from the floor and distribute it throughout the room. To save energy, only utilize fans when the rooms are occupied. 

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