How Hard Water Can Worsen Dry Winter Skin

The cold temperatures that winter brings often leave people with dry, flaky skin. To combat the harsh climate outdoors, many people escape to the hot, steamy reprieve of a shower in hopes of rehydrating their skin. Unfortunately, your home might be making matters worse if you have hard water. 

Heavy concentrations of minerals in your water can damage everything from your clothes and hair to your skin. 

What Is Hard Water

Hard water contains a variety of minerals, most commonly iron, manganese and aluminum. Most of us can rest assured that the water running into our home’s is drinkable, but if your water is hard, many of the minerals and chemicals in its makeup can cause some negative side-effects. 

Some signs that your water is hard include: 

  • Reddish brown stains on clothes
  • Soap that doesn’t lather
  • Filmy soap on skin, showers, sinks and tubs
  • Low water pressure
  • Dry skin and dull, brittle hair

How Hard Water Affects The Skin

The consistency of hard water makes it difficult to wash away soaps and shampoo from your body, leaving you with buildup. You might notice your hair feels dull and limp and your skin feels dry and flaky, all due to the residue left behind by hard water. 

What To Do

If you are noticing any of the above signs of hard water, you’ll want to consider investing in water conditioning. Our experts can help find the perfect option for you and your home. Not only will your skin and hair thank you, but you’ll be helping your appliances work at top efficency too. 

Scott Hale Plumbing is the astute choice for all your water softening, conditioning and purification needs in Salt Lake City – so for help with repairs or with choosing your new system, contact us today!