Drain Cleaning

Cleaning Your Plumbing: Inside And Outside The Home

Over the years, after being used frequently enough, the plumbing systems in and around the home can start to wear away and need more attention. These systems include your drains throughout different rooms and even your sewage lines outside. 

Depending on how frequently the plumbing system is utilized contributes towards what the plumbing maintenance service may entail. After all, the more it is used, the more work it needs to do. More importantly, there’s one common theme to both the drains and sewer lines: they may get clogged.

When this happens, you have a few options. There are over-the-counter products for your drains that are toxic and not exactly safe for all, including you and anyone else in the home. Another alternative for drain cleaning is trying to clear it yourself. This commonly leads to further damage to your drains when not done properly. For these reasons, we would not recommend either for your Salt Lake City home.

Newest Technology

Only the best plumbers have some of the newest technology. These devices can more accurately spot and clear clogs than anything you could buy at the store.

Drain Cameras

Nowadays, there are video cameras available with long enough extensions to be entered into drains and even sewer lines. The CCTV drain camera allows you to see throughout the space before cleaning or taking any other action. That way, our plumbing professional can pinpoint where the issues lie and what needs to be done.

Hydro Jetting 

A more accurate and safe way to clean your plumbing systems is through hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is performed through highly pressurized hot water, which is then aimed down either your drains or your sewer lines.

In combination with the video inspection, these tools work wonders in comparison to the store-bought solutions. They are also much more sustainable.

Servicing Your Home

In the Salt Lake City area, Scott Hale is available for all of these plumbing services. Our team also offers plumbing repairs, heating, and cooling services too. Contact us today for more information!